Romantic Valentine’s Day Poems

Valentine’s Day poem love you forever   To write a poem to your soul mate ,on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, is an original idea that you should not miss ! you can send these poems as SMS or even on cards accompanied by a nice present.

Valentine’s Day poems

1- A Valentine’ s Day poem: Love Words


There so many words that I want to tell you;

That we say and that remain in our minds!

That we don’t forget throughout time!

Love words that come out of heart!

Words we say so loud and so strong!

Words of hope and a better future?!

There are words that I remember;

Love words you said to me,

That resound yet endlessly!

And don’t stop getting me closer to you!

And your voice that whispers in my ears,

Love that we cannot define?!!

Love that goes beyond imagination?!!

And your glance that wakes up my desire,

And makes me crazy about you!!

Don’t wake me if you think it’s a dream?

I feel pretty good where I am!

Happy valentine’s Day love .



2- Valentine’s Day poem: Love you forever


I want you more than ever!

I loved you the first day;

When our eyes met!

A thunderbolt worked out?!

I need you all times….!

I succumbed to your charm!

This sensation you provide!

And the joys always on time!!

For all that! Let me say;

Happy Valentine’s Day sweetheart.


3- A valentine‘s Day poem: For you my love


 The reason of my happiness is surely your smile;

That overflows with warmth and softness!

The reason of my love is surely your voice;

Providing music to the house!

The reason of my living joy is surely your presence;

Energy and enthusiasm always take place!

Without you no place for happiness!!

Without you, just sadness!!

Without you I will just disappear with the fog!

Happy Valentine’s Day my dearest!


4- A valentine’s Day poem: Love you to death


 Who said that one day;

You make my heart beat for you?

That I feel all this love for you?

Who said that one day; I dream to be with you?

Hand in hand, without fears of a coming day?

Who said that one day;

My life will be connected to you,

And have the chance to be a part of you?!

Happy valentine’s Day soul mate.