Texts to Wish a Happy Birthday

happy birthday wish   You want to wish a happy birthday to someone who is close to you, but you lack the inspiration ?! we are here to suggest a selection of texts that can be send as smses or written on anniversary cards.

Choose your text of birthday and give it your personal touch to make it appear unique


I wish you an exceptional anniversary because you are special to me .Bear in mind that i appreciate you so much and wish you all the world’s happiness !Happy birthday .



Your birth year is one of the best years .No need to check time to know it !one can just watch you to conclude that year after year you are the winner of miss elegance



As every year the challenge becomes bigger and we added a candle to your test of blowing out the candles,so you should train more !am your big supporte ;r so don’t deceive me i will come to help you eat the cake . Happy birthday.


Birthday Wishes, Best Happy Birthday Wishes

happy birthday message

With joy , good mood and recklessness as lugage ,move forward in life confidently ,but never loose your childhood spirit .it’s a precious treasure  that one remains young deep in his heart.I kiss you deeply and wish you a happy birthday .



The past years provided you experience and wisdom without making you loose your vitality and dynamism, keep up like that !you are the model for me ! i wish you a happy birthday.