The Best Birthday Wishes for Your Husband

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The Best Birthday Wishes for Your Husband

When it comes to wishing someone happy birthday, there’s a number of ways for you do it effectively. However, your methods of wishing someone a warm and happy birthday are affected by your familiarity with them. You’ll want to be better at wishing to someone very close to you – someone like your husband.

The wish on your husband’s special day needs to be as unique and special as everything else you do on that day. It should express how you feel and should make them feel special as they’re supposed to. Here are some ways of wishing that your husband is bound to love.


Cute Wishes

Being cute on your husband’s birthday is something that always pays dividends. At the least it’s bound to elicit a smile. At the most: it’ll do a lot more. Some cute ways of wishing him a happy birthday include:

  • You’re an important part of me and I’m really glad that I have a husband such as you. We’re going to make this birthday as special and great as all the ones before
  • Husband, you are like the water that quenches my thirst and keeps me alive. I feel as if without you I would feel parched and this world wouldn’t be able to sustain me like you always do. So happy birthday, my sustenance.
  • Through everything, the good times and the bad, the only thing that’s kept me going is you. So thank you dear husband and a very happy birthday to you. I’ll make sure we can the most of it.


Funny Wishes

Funny wishes are going to bring out laughs and smiles and are going to create a great lasting mood. Here are some great examples:

  • I can’t wait for you to get home. Along with the regular dinner, some okay alcohol and the usual TV, I might have something special planned for your birthday.
  • Happy birthday hon! I’m sure you’re going to enjoy your present as much as I’m going to enjoy giving it.
  • Happy birthday Hubby! I’m sure you’ll be pleased to realize that I’ve got something sweeter than chocolate planned tonight.


The Best Wishes

Some wishes, whether funny, cute, or special, are simply the best. Here are some you can use for your husband:

  • I still remember the first time we met. I wanted nothing more than for you to bend the knee right there. I’ve known you were the man ever since our eyes met. Happy birthday, man of my life.
  • It all still seems like being in a dream….being with you. But one thing that’s true is that I love you, for now and forever.
  • You are everything. My life, my inspiration, and my support. Thank you for filling each day with pure joy and happiness. Here’s to many more! I love you, dear husband. Happy birthday.
  • From my mind to my heart, there’s not a single place where your presence is not felt each and every second. I still can’t believe my luck. There’s none like you out there. I’m sure of it. And to show how grateful I am, I want to spend this glorious birthday and the rest of our days filling you with love. Happy birthday, my love.


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