Valentine’s Day love SMS

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Happy Valentine’s Day SMS

   Sending an SMS of love, to the one who made your heart beat, on this occasion of valentine‘s Day is a good intention that provides moments of tenderness and sweetness!. So if you are short in ideas or expressions, find below a variety of SMS that are meant for this feast .

Ideal love SMS for valentine’ s Day


1- Happy Valentine’s Day my love, I can’t wait to be with you, I miss you so much! ♥♥♥


2- Happy Valentine’s Day my baby, I love you ! don’t change; you are gorgeous! ♥♥♥


3- You are my man ! you are the one ! ♥♥♥ you know how to bring joy to our life ,our love is more and more intense ! Happy Valentine’s Day honey.


4- Happy Valentine’s Day to you honey ♥♥♥ you are my man !


5- My love , you make my heart beat for you every day since we have been together ♥♥♥ we are sharing a simple and honest life ; you are all my life . Happy Valentine’s day darling .


6- All this time spent with you was full of happiness and tenderness ♥♥♥ Happy Valentine’s Day honey


7- Sweetheart, you know what? You caught my heart ! ♥♥♥ Your love gives me hope and brings softness to my life !Happy Valentine’s Day love


8- My love ,you are always here close to me ,your love is a treasure ! ♥♥♥ on this love feast I want to say : I love you ! Happy Valentine’s Day Tender kisses!


9- You are far from me, but wherever you are! I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day honey! ♥♥♥


10- My little heart and my big love; i found on you what i have always sought ♥♥♥ I can’t imagine my life without you! Love you more than all! Happy Valentine’s Day.


11- My sweetheart : you are a wonderful woman! I love you more and more! Happy Valentine’s Day sweetie.


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Clarita Lavalette 3 March 2018 - 5 h 20 min

Birthday needs can be much more significant, when the recipient is made to come to feel happier and more expectant about receiving older.

David Nagelhout 4 March 2018 - 15 h 20 min

These are delightful birth celebration words. Thank you for sharing.


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